The Buck Rub Story

In 1986, the Connecticut Lakes Emporium was purchased by the Thistle family. At the time it was a small convenience store selling live bait, munchies, a small number of groceries, T-shirts, scooped ice cream and sandwiches in the deli. Shortly after a snack bar was located in the back of the store offering pizza as well. The 7-unit lodge building was built in 1987 which was a great compliment to the little store - you could make your purchase and just walk "home" to your room.

A few years later on October 26, 1989, an addition was built and The Buck Rub Pizza Pub restaurant was established seating 36 people. Besides the name having a fun ring to it, there is also an explanation for the choice of that name. During deer mating season a buck (male deer) will “rub” his antlers on the bark of tree trunks. This leaves scrapes of antler velvet with his scent on the tree. The buck does this to mark his territory during mating season or “rut” with the hope that a healthy doe will find him interesting. With all the wildlife in the area, we felt this was a great name with the hopes that our patrons would find US interesting as well.

In 1993, the Connecticut Lakes Emporium was closed and the Buck Rub Pizza Pub was expanded. Dining room seating was located in the store area and the "old" dining room then became "the pool room" where a pool table and arcade games took up residence.

Fast forward many years to 2017, more room was added to expand the kitchen and seating along with the purchase of The Cabin at The Buck Rub. 2018 found the second-floor one and two-bedroom suites completed, along with the purchase of Canada Cabin and Buck Rub's Hidden Acres Campground. Lastly, in 2019, the Buck Rub reservation office was opened adjacent to the Buck Rub Pub where guests can check-in and buy novelty items.

Over thirty-three years later, the Thistle/Sarette family is honored to still be serving all that travel through our door. We are deeply grateful for the patronage of our guests and our desire is that everyone is blessed with a relaxing and fun experience in Pittsburg - the place we call home.

  • Popular Restaurant on site
  • Wireless internet
  • Direct Snowmobile Trail Access
  • Direct ATV Trail Access
  • Fun, Friendly and Helpful Staff
  • Within one mile of Back Lake, Lake Francis
  • Mile and half to 1st Lake
  • Spacious camping sites
  • Preferred location rental units
  • Private wooded cabins with covered porches
The Buck Rub
2253 Main Street
Pittsburg, New Hampshire 03592
Latitude: 45.06719
Longitude: -71.343169


Snow and lots of it!


Fisherman, birders and wildlife viewing


Warm 80 degree days, cool nights.


Hunting season. Deer, bear, duck and turkey.